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When Larry Page, founder of Google, was asked in an interview whether his time at Stanford had inspired him to create the search engine. He replied that what really inspired him was having attended a Montessori school as a child.

Montessori pedagogy was created at the beginning of the 20th century by Dr. Maria Montessori. It placed the child as the protagonist of his or her own learning.

Love for children and respect for their abilities are the basis of this pedagogy that helps children to develop their full potential.

Our Environments

Spacious, bright, welcoming and always Montessori environments following the AMI principles

Concept and philosophy

Our school concept is an alternative form of education.

In the traditional school, the capacities of children in early childhood are underestimated and their independence is not encouraged, but rather dependence on adults is fostered.

At Montessori British Kids we help your child to progress at his or her own pace, helping him or her to become independent. To do this we have a prepared environment which is key in any Montessori environment in which the child can develop independently without the need for adult help.


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